Thursday, December 04, 2008

At the back of the shed...

Shedman has been sent all kinds of submissions over the last few years and as he clears out his virtual shed, he's posting them here for safe keeping.

Here's the first - Shed Bed:

Dear Shedman

Here is a poem I wrote about a shed I lived in when I was in Melbourne,


I once slept in a shed
A shed Bed
It was warm for two,
inside the warehouse of cool.
Listening to the sounds;
Echoing, lovemaking, groaning.

We can hear you! We yell,
Shut Up! They shout!
'Thank your lucky stars you've got a shed for a bed,
to keep you warm through Winter's rain'.

No virgins to protect you now,
No angels of the bed...
They've all gone, they've fled.
I anoint thee now a travelling shed.
And we escaped well fed!

by Tamsin Williams

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