Thursday, December 04, 2008

Enoch & Eli Shed Story from storyteller Jamie Crawford

Photo: Jane Bown

Dear John

briefly as v busy: a somewhat hasty synopsis of an 'enoch and eli' story from the black country...

enoch has an outside loo ('the shed') at bottom of garden. son playing football kicks ball against shed and knocks it into canal. enoch emerges dripping and catches son. asks if guilty, son denies. then tells story of george washingtion's son who owned up to cutting down gw's favourite cherry tree but went unpunished due to honesty. son owns up. enoch belts him. why? because gw wasn't sitting in tree when chopped down.

Jamie Crawford

Thanks Jamie!


  1. Probably my favourite story from Aynuk and Ayli is this one:

    Ayli: "Aynuk, I've bin looking for yow everywhere!… where's yow bin?"

    Aynuk: "I bin fishin, down the cut!"

    Ayli: "Yow didn't tell me yow were gowin fishin! Did yow catch anythin Aynuk?"

    Aynuk: "Yea, corse I did!… I caught a whale"

    Ayli: "Blimey Aynuk, yow catched a whale down the cut! That's amazin! What did yow do wee the whale?"

    Aynuk: "I threw it back in."

    Ayli: "Aynuk, yow catched a whale down the cut, and yow threw it back in!! Bloody 'ell Aynuk, why did yow throw it back in the cut?"

    Aynuk: "Well, it was bloody useliss, It 'ad no spokes in it!"

    For those not familiar with black country 'speak', black country folk pronounce a 'wheel' as whale!

    Well, I like it!

  2. Ayli is walking his dog along the towpath one morning when he comes across Aynuk, who is sitting down looking dejected...

    Ayli: "What's up with yow?"

    Aynuk: "Me mate's just fell in the canal!"

    Ayli: Bloody 'ell, how'd that happen?"

    Aynuk: "I just took a bite out of me sandwidge and the mate slipped straight out into the water"


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