Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Jet Powered Beer Cooler

"In New Zealand there are two things that are the essence of being a 'good Kiwi bloke'. These are of course playing rugby and having a shed."


After an interesting discussion about sheds with my university tutor (Dan Blott) he passed me your address. I thought you might be interested in this, It was passed to me by my antipodean cousin, apparently other great kiwi shed inventions include the jet boat.

merry xmas

Stuart Large

(Dan Blott was one of the visitors to Shedman's first 'shed 
session' at the Booth Museum who just happens to be an expert on sheds and Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth School of Architecture... "I had two 
kids with me. The girl - Katy - chose the dogs name and you gave her a 
present. We talked a lot about the architecture of the shed and the 
encroachment of essentially shed-like structures into just about every 
building type imaginable..." )

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