Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nominate your top 50 sheds in fiction, film and drama

Which are your favourite sequences featuring a shed - in a novel (graphic or otherwise), short story, movie or TV drama, stage play or musical?  Is it the Potting Shed in Graham Greene's play of the same name, or the gamekeeper's hut in Harry Potter - or Lady Chatterley? Enid Blyton's S.S. shed or Sarah Dunant's pig shed in Fat Lands? Eraserhead or Swimming Pool? The Dambusters or Kes? Provide the full title, context and exact reference if possible. Make your suggestions now. Prizes for the ten best entries. (The Shed movie and the world's worst novel The Shack are not eligible for nomination.)

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  1. Surely Lynn Truss's comic novel With One Lousy Free Packet of Seed must be in the running with its gardening journalist Osborne and his column Me And My Shed.


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